present a number of courses from September to December 2016 to learn more about this valuable food.
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Cooking school with Pescolo
Cooking school with excellent fresh fish anddiscounts on purchasesfor the teatro7 friends.

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Cooking School
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Chef for an evening

You can become an actor even while you cook.

At Teatro7|Lab you will be able to perform your best cooking act just as if you were stepping onto the stage in an unusual theater show.
Cooking is a serious business here, so your dream of becoming a chef will finally come true. The lab's chefs provide the kitchen, the products, the know-how and, once they get an apron on the daring soul, they guide him/her through the preparation of a dish. Friends and guests will be able to appreciate the results of the participant's efforts. Whether you get applauded or booed, you will have the chance to become an actor and a protagonist, and feel what "being a chef" is like.

For bookings, please call us at the following number 02.89073719 or send us an e-mail at

Mini Chefs are on the road

Children’s cooking classes

Teatro7|Lab, a culinary school in Milan that offers the warmth of a home and the entertainment of a theater, will host every Saturday afternoon, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., a small group of children (5-10 yrs) ready to approach a very old yet exciting adventure:


They will be set out armed with bowls, pin rollers, spoons, caps and aprons to conquer a snack to take home with them. The initiative, which took place for the first time 5 years ago and has been getting ever more successful, usually runs from October to June.

All the proceeds go to " "Ai.Bi. - Associazione Amici dei bambini", an International Relief organization that takes care of abandoned children. Since 1986 Aibi's volunteers have been working in Italy, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe with the aim of guaranteeing every child the right to have a family. This way parents can make a small offer (starting from 30 euro) to help Ai.Bi carry out its projects.

For bookings, please call us at the following number 02.89073719 or send us an e-mail at

Dating Game
Loving couples will compete in rounds of recipes to test their ability to share the kitchen with the lover and to learn how to share tasks to live in harmony one of the most frequented areas at home! The Chef will decide the winning couple...

Single & Food
Men and women, single, in common a refrigerator sad and depressed... they will have to build together a dish with the few ingredients available... will they dine?

Free Love !!!
Kitchen and sexual orientation, a joking evening with aphrodisiac dishes with bold names!!! Fodd, wine, sex, pailllettes and a lot of fun...

For bookings, please call us at the following number 02.89073719 or send us an e-mail at

To take part in our cooking classes you must register and pay the course fee at least 7 days before the start of the course. There are several ways to register:
– Directly at the school: teatro7|Lab in via Thaon di Revel, 7 - Milan
– Over the phone, using the following numbers: 02.89073719 or +39 366 6664427
– By sending your request through e-mail at the following address:
We will contact you to confirm availability and fee. Registration is complete only upon payment of the entire fee to the school.

Payment can be made through any of the following:
– Bank Transfer to: teatro7 srl UNIPERSONALE - IBAN: IT04 C030 3223 0000 1000 0002 927 - Swiftcode BCITITMM
– Cash / Check made payable to Scuola di Cucina teatro7| Lab - in via Thaon di Revel, 7 – Milan

If you require an invoice, you must request it when registering and it will be sent to you either through e-mail or regular mail. The course fee covers the ingredients used and all the teaching material handed out to participants. Sets of 10 lessons can also be bought. In this case, one class will be free if payment is made in advance, otherwise you can choose to pay the total fee in two installments.

Classes will take place only when the minimum number of participants is reached. Should a class be cancelled on behalf of the school, you can:
1) rchoose to take another scheduled course to replace the cancelled one
2) get a refund via bank transfer of the entire fee paid.

You can book a place on a course as a gift to a friend. To do this, you must simply provide the recipient's details. We will send an e-mail containing the invitation and all the necessary information. The cost of the course remains the same.

Every member has the right to withdraw from a course, in accordance with the Italian Law (art. 1373 cod. civ. comma 1). This may be done as follows:
A - Refund: If member withdraws no later than 10 days before the start of the course, he/she will be refunded the entire amount paid
B - If member withdraws no later than 4 days before the start of the course, teatro7|Lab allows him/her to:
   1) Replace the course with another one already scheduled
   2) Find a substitute after informing the school via e-mail
C - If member withdraws less than 4 days before starting date, he/she will be required to pay the entire fee
D – If member doesn't show up to classes without informing the school in advance, the fee will not be refundable in no case whatsoever

In any case of withdrawal, members are required to inform the school via e-mail at the following address:

Teatro7|Lab is an original location, to be lived in an active way and where companies can organize meetings, press lunches, product presentations and team building events. The latter have become a must, as they are a good alternative to boring business dinners. The cooking is done in teams: the team that proves to be more skillful in the kitchen wins. The aim is to have fun as well as to strengthen the participants' sense of belonging to their work group. It's a new and original way to bring together a company's employees, sales department or -why not?- clients or press agents on special occasions.

Teatro7|Lab is the ideal location for photo, commercial and TV shoots.

60 square meters containing a fully equipped professional kitchen complete with state-of-the-art technology. A high-tech lab with extra-large windows that give passers-by the chance to watch a real “cooking show", just as if it were a street theater performance, as well as brightening up the kitchen and the two 5-meter long counters (one for cooking and one for preparing and tasting the dishes). An indoor space designed to be simple, functional and informal, and made to create both the warm welcoming atmosphere of a family kitchen and the elegant scenery of a stage/laboratory on which the audience turns into the main actors of a fun cooking event. A totally new concept based on an ambitious project which quickly developed from just work in progress to a friendly teaching environment. It’s the first of its kind in Italy and has been receiving an excellent response.

A brilliant idea for a new kind of event that allows to cook together in a spacious and comfortable area, under the expert guidance and advice of qualified chefs that share their knowledge and direct the class, starting from the choice of the ingredients to the correct preparation of fresh food, from cooking to decorating the dish. The ideal setting for an unforgettable event.

Food has always been something capable of bringing people together at a table in a nice and informal way. Sharing a nice lunch, tasting a dinner served with fine wines, getting together to celebrate an important occasion in a luxury restaurant have always been things people enjoy. teatro7|Lab does even more: we invite people to prepare the food that they will later serve, anticipating and extending the joy of meeting, sharing, and getting to know one another. A very special occasion to strengthen team spirit, to celebrate an important achievement, to give the chance to experience something that’s more meaningful than a thousand words, to perform a different kind of brainstorming, to organize theme nights, to launch a new product, to rediscover the pleasure of creating and playing.

The place can host small groups up to thirty people

Japanese culinary art directly in your life!
Master Tatsumoto is active since 1987; in addition to his main activity of sushi chef and teacher, he is famous for his frequent appearances in film, tv, advertising.
Here the internet site of Master Tatsumoto:

Photogallery of Master Tatsumoto at teatro7

9 Febbraio 2015

The store for chef and gourmet

h. 18 presentation to the press

from h. 19 OPEN PARTY

I signori giornalisti possono richiedere l'invito o confermare la propria presenza scrivendo a:

Lo chef stellato CICCIO SULTANO, dal Ristorante Duomo di Ragusa Ibla, con la sua eccezionale presenza proporrà:

In sostegno verrà servito anche uno dei famosi risotti di ROBERTO CUCULO e tanti finger-food by SEBASTIANO ROVIDA, tutto rigorosamente rispettando il tema Siciliano e i suoi micro-produttori.
Per finire MARIO DE ANGELIS, dalla scuola di cucina MAMA' di Roma crea in diretta la sua Crema di Zabaione con Marsala.

Nilox (, is the brand of sports technology of the Esprinet Group.
Beyond the sport (on board – action camera (with F-60 e Foolish product lines), waterproof products (SwimSonic) and outdoor devices, Nilox is also known in computer components.